Day 7 of the eclectic Service Design Advent Calendar

Scuola di Atene aka. “The School of Athens” with Aristotle: centre-right (wikipedia)

Hello, readers. This is my contribution to the Service Advent Calendar. Thanks to Jason Mesut and Niclas Ljungberg for organising this!

I recently completed Keiko University’s “Methodologies for service design” course on FutureLearn because I was interested in perspectives and teachings on service design beyond the craft of user journeys…

Discovery as a verb

Lisa, one of our talented UX researchers on our team, organised a “discovery methods” learning session recently. It was really refreshing to have everyone come together and go through the various approaches we’ve used in the past. …

I’ve amassed a sizable collection of sketchnotes over the years mostly from conference talks. I started in 2010, and it’s been a really good run.

Although I’ve lapsed sketchnoting since not attending in-person conferences due to COVID, I’m still fond of the medium and have been grateful for the opportunities…

2020 has obviously been a very different year—I’m grateful my situation has been largely uneventful, somewhat repetitive throughout. I’ve cherished working from home and not missing the daily commute, learning how to bake sourdough bread, spending more time with my family, and gradually doing up the house.

I did break…

Boon Yew Chew

Principal UX designer at Elsevier. IxDA local leader and board alumni. Strategy. Systems. Visual thinking. Design. Has a brain in his stomach.

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