In my travels, I’ve been equally confused and inspired by strategy. By strategy, I mean:

  • Roles and departments with the word “strategy” in them
  • The need and ask from organisations/leaders for a “strategy”
  • Strategies of all kinds – brand strategy, marketing strategy, design strategy, experience strategy, corporate strategy, technology strategy, social strategy, product strategy, operations strategy, content strategy, and so on.

There’s probably more, but the above items are a good start.

I think for strategy to be effective, it helps for more people to understand it. This might include people who have no reason to know about, care for, let alone be involved in strategy. …


Boon Yew Chew

Principal UX designer at Elsevier, London. IxDA local leader and board alumni. Visual thinker. Sketchnoter. Has a brain in his stomach.

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